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A flexible, reliable system engineered to help you achieve more—more advocacy, more donations, more supporters—from the team that built’s tech.

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“Without We Also Walk Dogs, our campaigns would be impossible”

  — Wes Boyd, Co-founder of


Organize your heart out

ActionKit is used by large groups and small, in the U.S. and internationally, to work on issues from climate change to gun control to disaster relief to social justice and more.


Customize ask amounts based on donor history, accept recurring donations and “in memory of” gifts, and offer premiums.


Target by geography, user history and more; personalize content; run A/B tests; set up scheduled or recurring e-mails; and send blasts reliably and at high speed.


Recruit users to sign petitions, make calls to their representatives or other decision makers, write letters to the editor, or participate in a whipcount campaign—then recruit their friends via email or social media.


Revamp our mobile-friendly templates to match your look and feel, and take advantage of detailed tracking of clicks, actions, and sources of users.


Increase user engagement with surveys, welcome series, and customized outreach; use our sophisticated user search and easily update user information manually or via CSV.


Use dozens of built-in reports or build your own with our easy-to-use graphical query builder or by writing your own SQL queries.


Ask your users to host local events or set up centralized events.


Translate pages and mailings, handle international addresses and event locations, and accept donations in non-US currencies.


Radically customizable, and integrates with your tools

Clients have integrated ActionKit with third-party donation processors and CRMs, get-out-the-vote tools, and their own custom-developed software.

It’s your data

Your list is not locked up with ActionKit; you can access it via our APIs or raw SQL any time.

Store anything

Add custom fields to users, actions, and pages, and use merge files to add arbitrary content to mailings.

Easy import/export

Load data through our importer or APIs; export it through SQL access or APIs.

Front-end flexibility

Completely redesign templates to fit your look, or host pages on your own servers for even more control.

It’s not only a toolset, it’s a platform.


Sweat your campaigns, not your platform

All the features in the world mean nothing if your online presence isn’t reliable. Our clients love the platform’s reliability and responsive support.


Bug reports go straight to the team that develops ActionKit.


When you're getting thousands of hits a minute, you don't want your platform to collapse. That’s why ActionKit has speedy SSD-backed database servers and Web serving capacity to spare.


All donation traffic is encrypted, and with the Braintree payment gateway, credit card details needn’t ever touch our servers. You can also enable filtering for potentially fraudulent donations at no extra cost.

E-mail deliverability

Your e-mail sender reputation will never be affected by another organization’s mistakes, and we work with industry leader SendGrid to make sure your messages get delivered.


We have redundant servers and backups so when server hardware inevitably fails, your site doesn’t.

Active development

ActionKit is always improving. We frequently put out new releases with features, bug fixes, and infrastructure improvements.


Our pricing model is simple. We charge a monthly subscription fee that's based on the number of mailable addresses on your email list, plus a one-time set up fee. No commissions or fees per email sent.

If you subscribe you have access to all features and to the same responsive support we provide to all clients.

We provide reliable hosting or you can host most features in your existing content management system or website.

ActionKit starts at $995 a month for groups with up to 50,000 mailable supporters.

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